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House of Senenmut  



Senenmut Hatshepsut 

has made an offering of lettuce, honey, milk and incense.

Tassos Philippos,

 visitor to Egypt, has made an offering of incense and an ivory vase

Mirjam Nebet

  has made an offering of a basket of ripe fruits and these lovely lotuses 

 placed before the Netjer Min .Also  gold chains and amulets with the 

Eye of Ra, so  that the Temple of Min may flourish and prosper.

Tuya Amenhotep 

has made an offering of dates and flowers. Tuya  also brought honey 

and beer. Please grant her guidance and wisdom, great lord Min.

Larcin Siamen

has made an offering of a perfect head of lettuce bathed in morning 

dew. And requests  Min to grant help to Pharaoh with her birthing.

Ufo Thuthmose

 has made an offering of 3 cases of "Aqua Fennica" to Min.

Kaiza Aristocratos 

has made an offering of  4 cases of  Aqua Fennica- and 

some cloudberries.


comment: I will sow wild flowers on bare earth

Neb Hammaurabi 

comment: I come from Babylon, a visitor in your land ... I bring you 

a gold statue of Marduk and luscious grapes from the Hanging 

Gardens of my holy city.

Nerefari Hatshepsut   

 comment:   I leave some bread for Great Min to eat.


comment: Hail to thee, Min and Heru.
I have come to thee so that I may see your beauty.
I am pure and I want to sacrifice these great bowls
with water and lettuce to thee Min, who showed me
not to be ashamed of myself.
Behold, Heru, I am pure and I offer this sacred eye
of you to you so that I may see your beauty for I
know you and I beg you to make your everlasting
light shine upon me.
Be in peace, great lords of justice.
and let your holyness be spreaded over the holy land
of Kemet and it's civilians.

Tony Lucas 

comment  bless us and protest us

Khnemetseti Ramesses  

comment I bring a gift of fresh lettuce grown in the gardens of Set Nubti,

 He also is fond of that vegetable and as I live in the City of Gold 

I also bring a gold collar.


comment I give offerings to all but may I ask in the Name of Amun-Ra 

Who is Min? I leave them each "barley and a days pay"

Ankheri Senwosret

comment: 15 tauruses, 100 jars of beer and 25 ducks.
You have done a splendid job on this web page.
My heart and soul are in awe!

Ancksunamun Meritamen

comment: Oh, great god Min~

To honor you on this your feast day, please accept this humble offering

 from the goddess Mut and her temple:

A chest full of semi precious stones for your craftsmen and jewellery

 makers to make beautiful gifts out of

May you be pleased with our offering


NahehAakhu Hatshepsut,

I, Godservant of Het-Hert, do offer to the God Min

20 jars of perfumed oil of Myrrh so that He may enjoy its perfume.

For the Glory of Min.

Tothmes Horemheb

...I do hereby wish to offer you, Lord of Fecundity, a most succulent 

Aegean delicacy from the shores of my former residence, Thera; 

a divine gastropod of superior taste that your worshipers

 can view at my per. 


Offerings To Min,Horus and Taweret

Fifteen wild boars, twenty steer, five (true) bulls, twenty-five sparrows, 

thirty ostriches, ten antelope, and forty-five ducks. EACH.

Luca Pierotti

comment:  I offer my best plants of incense
and my knowledge's about stars


comment:  I come to your land from my island far beyond the the East, where the Sun is born every day......and offer 

amulets of greenstone...and implore the Gods for peace among

 the nations of the earth.......





 comment:  We try to help you protect all great Horus

Maya Meritamen

comment:  I offer to Horus milk and fruit including figs, dates and


To Min I offer red wine and a bunch of lotus flowers.

Mirjam Nebet

comment: I lay down at the feet of the Great Her (Horus), of Mighty Min 

and of the Protecting Taweret ten yards of linen for the priesthood to  

add to their stock. I also lay down ten urns of the good wine of Philae

 and ten packages of good reed pens, all to be used in these 

temples for the benefit of the Netjers.

Nofret Siamen

comment: Has made an offering of one hundred roses and

 lotuses to the great son of Isis.


Meryt-Re Ra Harakhte

  I offer two dozen yards of linen and twelve jars of dye to my father, Ra Harakhte, and two vats of wine and and a bundle of peacock feathers to my mother, Hathor.

Akhenheru Hatshepsut

For Heru -- The Netjer from whom my name is derived, the Son of my Lady Isis, I bring a long sheet of fine linen, a bowl of fresh Blue Lotuses, patchouli incense, and a vial of oil of roses.