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WELCOME To my web pages about Ancient Egypt temples




Min's main Temple in Gebut        

Sanctuary of Min

  Sacred lake of Min

  More about Min

God servants of Min

Priesthood of Egypt

Horus's Temple in Gesy

History of Horus

History Horus the elder

Festival days of Horus

Defending the Kingdom


Temple of Nun

Temple of Imhotep

Temple of Tawerwt

Trade and tribute

Leave Offerings or comments

View offerings 

Shrine to Min in Sile

Find out your birth tree

House of Senenmut  



To my web pages about Ancient Egypt temples. And the God's.
More are to be added in the future.
I call myself Senenmut. Read, enjoy, and if you like, feel free to leave a comment.

These pages are a part ofAncient Worlds


Last updated 20/07/05

Their purpose is both for historical information and for Ta-meri: Heredet ne Hap translates as Egypt: Children of the Nile. Roleplay.





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